Fundação Vera Chaves Barcellos

From Monday to Friday, 1h30pm-5h30pm, only by appointment.

Fundação Vera Chaves Barcellos (Vera Chaves Barcellos Foundation) 

Inaugurated in September 2005, the Fundação Vera Chaves Barcellos (Vera Chaves Barcellos Foundation) is a non-profit private cultural centre. It aims to preserve and promote the work of artist Vera Chaves Barcello’s and also encourages artistic production and research in contemporary art. The space holds temporary exhibitions with selected works from it’s collection. Around 1,500 works are kept in two collections: the Vera Chaves Barcellos one is dedicated exclusively to the production of the artist; and the collection Artistas Contemporâneos (Contemporary Artists) brings together works of both established names as well as representatives of the emerging artistic production.

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