Museu Câmara Cascudo

From Tuesday to Friday, 9am-5pm; on Saturdays, 1pm-5pm.

Museu Câmara Cascudo (Museum Câmara Cascudo)

The Museu Câmara Cascudo (Museum Câmara Cascudo), a museum of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte), keeps remarkable collections in the natural sciences and anthropological fields. Opened in November 1960, it only received its actual name in 1973 as homage to the researcher and folklorist Luís da Câmara Cascudo. He was the first director and one of its founders. Located in a two story building the ethnology, archaeology, palaeontology, folk art, religious art, among other collections are exhibited in characterized rooms and spaces. The Ambiente Pesqueiro (Fishing Setting), the room Ciclo da Cana e do Couro (Cycle of Sugar Cane and Leather) and a Shellmound enthusiast visitors during the journey.

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