Museu Catavento

Museu Catavento (Catavento Museum)

Founded in 2009 and dedicated to science, the Museu Catavento (Catavento Museum) is an interactive space aimed at young audiences. Located in the city’s Palácio das Indústrias (Palace of Industries), a building constructed between 1911 and 1924, it is a playful, social and cultural environment. The venue has a big amount of objects and interactive and informal learning settings, which contribute to the development of children and youth and awaken interest in science. Over 250 installations are divided into four sections - like the one named Engenho: as criações do homem dentro da ciência (Ingenuity: the creations of humans in science) – where visitors go through evolution from the most primitive living being up until humankind, its scientific creations and the problems of living in society.

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