Museu de Arte Contemporânea do Ceará

From Tuesday to Friday, 9am-7pm; on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, 2pm-9pm.

Museu de Arte Contemporânea do Ceará (Museum of Contemporary Art of Ceará)

Opened in 1999, the Museu de Arte Contemporânea (Museum of Contemporary Art) is part of the cultural complex Dragão do Mar Center of Art and Culture (Sea Dragon). It has 13 halls equipped to receive exhibitions and its collection keeps about a thousand pieces from local, national and foreign artists. A visit to the Sala Experimental (Experimental Room) is a must, with installations that instigate the visitor’s observation and highlights the dialogue between contemporary arts and everyday life. Initiatives such as Arte em Crivo (Art in Sieve), which organizes lectures and activities developed by MAC-educational, create a favourable environment for knowledge and reflection on this segment of art.

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