Museu do Expedicionário

From Tuesday to Friday, 10am-12am and 1pm-5pm; on Saturdays and Sundays, 1pm-5pm.

Museu do Expedicionário (Expeditionary Museum)

The Museu do Expedicionário (Expeditionary Museum) was created in 1946 in order to preserve the memory of the participation of Brazil and the state of Paraná soldiers in World War II. The collection consists of a wide range of materials about the war and their combatants, such as photographs, films, maps and documents of the period as well as war items that illustrate the involvement of the Expeditionary Force, Air Force and Navy of Brazil in the conflict. It is worth highlighting a set of leaflets and stamps of the time and a collection of medals, ribbons, badges, photos and journals from Brazilian officials.

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