Chácara do Céu (Museus Castro Maya)

Chácara do Céu 

Known as Chácara do Céu, the house was inherited by Raymundo Ottoni de Castro Maya (1894-1968) in 1936. The current building, designed by architect Wladimir Alves de Souza, stands out for its modernity, integrating the gardens and allowing a magnificent view of the city and of the Guanabara Bay. The venue houses a collection of European art, with works by renowned artists such as Matisse, Modigliani, Degas and Miró; and a remarkable collection of Brazilian art, with exemplars of Guignard, Di Cavalcanti, Iberê Camargo and a set of works by Portinari. A highlight is the Brasiliana collection, with over 500 original works by Jean-Baptiste Debret.

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